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Teenagers and Children balancing on natural play equipment at Ballyfermot People's Park in Ireland

Ballyfermot People's Park

Dublin, Ireland

Case Studies

Ballyfermot People’s Park is situated in the heart of the local community. It is an extension of the newly built Civic Centre and is a green space that is ideal for people of all ages. Play is incorporated within the Landscaped Garden to invite the public to enjoy play in a natural outdoor setting.

A Jackstraws See-Saw is ideal for older children to play in groups and learn about movement whilst also being a tremendous informal seating area for them to gather and chat. Trees cover the See-Saw, offering shade and shelter from the weather, making it a great social space all year round. A Rope Course provides a physical challenge for older children to climb and balance at height while exploring the area.

Various lower-level play elements are incorporated throughout, including Jumping Discs, Stepping Logs and Totter Beams for younger children to balance on as they run and explore the garden. Informal play opportunities are found throughout the park to, with trees, fallen logs, benches and planting that create sensory, imaginative and physical play experiences. Two Sea Roarers offer excellent play value, allowing children to rock together to create sounds similar to those of waves hitting the beach whilst also being accessible for those wheelchair or pushchair bound.

A Marbles Table is an added touch to the space, being fun for people of all ages to compete against each other or play together.