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Dad holding his young daughters hand while she walks across wooden beam

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About our wood…

We believe that wood is the best material for playground equipment. No two timbers are ever the same, meaning they offer a bespoke feel to equipment and offer extensive play value. All timbers that are used for our equipment are sustainably forested and are very generous, ensuring superior stability and unbeatable durability.

Our equipment predominantly uses Mountain Larch from the Bavarian Alps, although some equipment uses Oak or Robinia where it is seen as beneficial. Oak is used for Climbing Forest posts due to its durability below ground (in conjunction with Richter’s patented protection system, Fürstenberg Permadur) and for the ability for wide girth posts to be utilised for this play piece. Ash is used for items such as ladder rungs where its natural ability to flex a little, is a benefit

The avalanche protection schemes mean that Mountain Larch is sustainably forested and as it is felled in the winter this allows for drying before fungal spores appear. This drying process also allows for around 20% of moisture content to be removed, thus reducing cracking. However, as wood is a natural source, cracking will appear and unless this is affecting a fixing point there is usually no compromise to the structural integrity of an item. Cracking is minimised on square cuts by utilising core free sections of the wood. Durability enables Richter to use untreated timbers, thus reducing children’s interaction with chemically enhanced products.

Overall, wood is a friendly, pleasant material. As an organic building material, it differs substantially from metal or plastic as it appeals to the senses, from its touch to its smell.

If you would like to discuss our materials in more depth, please email info@timberplayireland.ie and one of our team will be able to advise further.