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Child climbing on a wooden sructure

Playground Maintenance & Spare Parts | Timberplay Ireland

With every play space, there is always a need for playground maintenance, the amount of maintenance needed is dependent on varying factors from the amount of usage to weather conditions and much more. In order to make your playground maintenence as easy as possible, all our products are designed to ensure that they are easily tested and any parts that do need replacing will be cost effective.

When maintained correctly our equipment can last decades and to ensure this process is made as easy as possible for you, we have maintenance guides for all our products which can be found in our digital catalogue - here

Alongside documents to help with maintenance, our team have an in-depth knowledge of all our equipment and fixings and are always on hand via email to answer any queries you may have or advise further about what spare parts you may require.

Our spare parts are stored in both the United Kingdom and Germany and can be dispatched in as little as 2 days - our manufacturer guarantees spare parts will be available for products for a minimum of 10 years even if the product is discontinued or has technical changes within this time.

There is no legal requirement for playgrounds to have inspections or maintenance programmes, but it is recommended by Insurers and many more. We recommend an independent playground inspection is undertaken at least once a year, but every playground requirement is different and again our expert team would be more than happy to provide advice from the knowledge they have aquired with their decades of experience. Regular checks should also take place, as per RoSPA advice found here.